My name is Gustav Parenmark and I am an 18 year-old macro and nature photographer from Sweden. The fascination with nature and wild animals began at an early age, and I have been intrigued by the wonders of the natural world ever since. My passion for photography started six years ago, and my excitement has grown more and more for every year that has passed. At the age of 15, I won my first international competitions and established myself in the macro and wildlife photography scene. I am specialising in the little things, the precious species living beneath our feet. I am talking about the biggest family in the animal kingdom, the arthropods of our world. Their beauty is often overlooked, and I am trying to show people the real beauty that they are missing out on. The life that the naked eye cannot see. 

Feel free to contact me for work, partnerships, questions or any inquiries you might have. You can either send me an email down below, or write to me via instagram.


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